Prescott versus Daytona Beach


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Hi, Im new to this board and came here because I really want to go to Embry Riddle, but I dont know which one to go to . Prescott, or daytona beach? Ive been reading this entire section and theirs all these different perspectives on which one to go to, such as daytona has better facilities but prescotts less populated and in prescott its got better weather but in daytona youve got a beach 10 min. away. Please help me in figuring out which one is better to go to
I went to the Prescott campus. I enjoyed it. I can't compare it to Daytona Beach, but it had less distractions than just about any other place I had ever been (i.e., not much else to do in town). But, it isn't that bad - Phoenix is about an hour and a half away, so I spent many a weekend in Phoenix.

If you go to Prescott, bring a car or make friends fast with someone who has a car. When I was there ten years ago, it was about 7 miles from town. The town has started growing towards the campus, but it's mostly houses; all the commerce is still pretty far away.

Pros: less congested airspace, nicer weather, great studying environment, new facilities
Cons: not much to do, campus is pretty far from town

Anyway, that's my take on it. Oh, and don't get me wrong when I say there isn't much to do. There's a lot of outdoor activities (hiking, camping), there are parties like at every other school, and there are lots of other activities, so you can have a good time in Prescott. It's just not a big city, so you won't find big city things to do...
I agree with Copaman (again).

PRC is cool for college... I spent many a layover in DAB and there's no way I would have made it out of college with all of those chicks running around during spring break and the beach.
Thanks alot for the info guys, that gives alot of insight onto the perspectives on what the campuses are like. I have another question, i was reading the boards and came across a user who said that since embry riddles flight training is so expencive, why not get ur certificates at a local fbo after or during college, and get a degree at embry riddle in aerospace engeneering instead. In addition would the airlnes hire a embry ridd. aero sci. grad over an .aero engineering? just a thought also do you know anybody who ever got a scholarship into embry riddle in aero. science?
Also ive been reading that people have to wait a long time for checkrides and schedualing for a flight, is this true? and is it that much of a factor that its almost hard to learn at embry-riddle by having to wait such long periods and going through hassles so simple as schedualing a flight at embry?
Scheduling in Daytona isn't bad right now. They actually had to lay off flight instuctors because there weren't enough students. Usually you will have a slot and fly at the same time. You also have the option to get some of your ratings somewhere else, which is usually cheaper and faster.

The weather might be better in AZ, but it ain't too bad in DAB either. You will probably get more actual time in FL and there's a fair amount to do in Daytona. The beach is about 10 minutes away, but the town is pretty run down. Like Doug said, come spring break time it's pretty crazy. The campus is pretty isolated from the beach so you can avoid it if you wish. On the other hand, if you want to party down it's just a 7 minute drive down INTL Speedway BLVD to the beach.

Let me know if you want any more info on Daytona.
An airline doesn't care whether you have a Aero Sci degree or a Aero Eng degree. As long as you have that degree!
You could get a degree in Aero Engineering, but it is very difficult and you probably won't have time to fly if you are getting an engineering degree. There are other degrees at Embry-Riddle, though, like Aviation Business Administration or Computer Science with Aviation Applications that aren't as intensive as engineering.

As for anyone in Aero Science with a scholarship, I knew a couple of guys who had ROTC scholarships for Aero Science. They pay for classes and books, but NOT the flight training. I don't know if there are any scholarships that cover the flight training; if there were, they weren't well publicized.
I'd probably pick Daytona because of a certain 500 mile race that happens there in February. /ubbthreads/images/icons/cool.gif
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I'd probably pick Daytona because of a certain 500 mile race that happens there in February

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/\ /\ /\ and the 400 mile one that will happen in a couple weeks

Daytona during spring break is just that, quite fun. It too can be avoided if you choose. But, as a freshmen that has a room on campus instead of hotel others must pay for, staying for your week off is very fun.

Academically, riddle just built a new aviation building, i haven't walked through it yet, but i understand its cool. (even if there's only one bathroom, and no windows in the classrooms). The dorms are predominatly only a few years old- tell them you want to live in the village, not doolittle (aka the rock).

As for the flight......come with as many certificates as possible. I would highly suggest starting here w/ your private instrument, if at all possible. Flight prices went up several times this year, likely at both prescot and daytona. Get used to the "Riddle Run-a-Round" or "Riddle Rip" Instructors are great, planes are great, maintence is great. Scheduling can sometimes be a drag, depending on you and your instructors availablity. Fly very early,6am, or late, 10pm, and things go better. The one thing i have yet to understand is how riddle can ignore the multiple FBOs at daytona. So many students get dissatisfied here and fly across the field at places like Phil-Air, Wrightway, or Pheonix East. I don't know if the vast majority of those places are in bussiness from riddle students or daytona has alot of future pilots here itself.

All in all, daytona is good. The b*tch is getting into the planes. Once they hand you the keys, life is good, and I always smile in the air.
Post any more ?'s or PM me.
Hey ERAUWannabe,

I applied for ERAU prescott campus last fall as a senior in high school. They offered me a "Presidential Scholarship", which they told me was worth $40,000 over four years and a free laptop. My degree was Aero. Sci. I decided to attend the University of Illinois instead because it was much cheaper still for me to go to an in-state school. ERAU does offer scholarships, just not many. If you have the grades and apply, you never know what could happen.

Dude thats awesome! I really want to get that presidential scholarship, how did you apply for the scholarship? hey and also i have a 4.0 gpa (in ninth grade) Im a ninth grader by the way. hey also what were your sat scores? I havent taken the S.A.Tat, but i heard to get a prez. scholarship you need at least a 1600 sat score, which is like EXTREMEly high.
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I havent taken the S.A.Tat, but i heard to get a prez. scholarship you need at least a 1600 sat score, which is like EXTREMEly high

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haha, an SAT score of 1600 is THE highest score possible. That is equal to answering every question correctly.

when you apply to, in this case, riddle they will recieve your academic scores and based on the academic scholarships are awarded.
Does anyone know if ERAU considers your SAT's score as one of the main things for accepting students?

...did i word that right...
I don't think the SAT scores are really weighted that high versus other stuff like grades and community service. I have heard that ERAU is easy to get into, but tough to do well in.
ERAUwanna be you sound just like me when i was your age. I thoguht i wanted to goto ERAU too forever. And personaly i would pick Prescott, Arizona is beautiful.

I suggest looking in to other colleges also and remember that the airlines DO NOT care what your 4 year degree is in, just that you have one.

I did some research in to ERAU and i estimated all school, flight and dorm coast for the 4 years at ERAU and I estimated it to be in the ball park of $120,000!! WOW. I would suggest not doing your flight training at ERAU, there rates are really high.

Now im going to a community college with a flight school and getting school and up to my CFI for $30,000. Big diffrence and then i will transfer into a 4 year and finish my Multi. Alot cheaper with the same results and a 4 year degree.

Just a thought from my personal experiance
Just to inform all those who are interested....

The Prescott campus is in year 2 of 10 on their gigantic remodeling job. Looks like they'll end up with 5 times the numbers of buildings and land. Too bad they didn't start a couple years earlier. As of now, its pretty impressive on paper /ubbthreads/images/icons/laugh.gif
Back to your original question Daytona, or prescott? I attended ERAU Daytona for a year, and their were many distractions. First of all you have Nascar teams practicing all year at the track. The track is 1-1/2 miles from the school, and the noise is very distracting when you are trying to study.During October you have Biketober fest, and you have loud, and drunk bikers all over the place. I'm not even going to mention all the girls, bars, and parties. It's not that ERAU is a bad school, but if you attend the Daytona campus you have to be very focused on your education. Like I said I went there for a year, then I transferred, and graduated from UND. I would either look at presscott a little closer, or choose a different university.
Something not mentioned... When I went PRC you got more twin time then at Daytona.

There is also something to be said about the ERAU 141 program, it is well developed. If you dont train at ERAU I still think 141 is the way to go. Reason is the training is all laid out, you know exactly what is planned.