Potentially funny a.net thread to watch

Looks like everyone ignored you.

Any of you found a picture of yourself flying on A.net? That would be cool to see a pic of a 767 or something and say "hey I was flying that"


One of the posters is true though.. Those MD-88's 90's don't have any Inflight entertainment.. I was flying out of Bradley to Atlanta on an MD-88 and boy was I miserable minus the IFE..
Man when I was a kid there was no IFE - I had to bring my own coloring books, crayola, etc. I do not like IFE, it is so bloody difficult to watch, and with all the goings on in the cabin - it is a waste of time IMHO. I would much rather read, eat my nice meal (I tkae Togo's), look through the skymall magazine, chat with the FA's, and other hot girls onboard the aircraft, BUT MOST OF ALL I LIKE TO SLEEP (good old American sleeping, head back, snoring, mouth open with dribble running down)!!
That too Iain.. but another thing about the MD's is the crammed seating.. during my entire air travel period I have had a good looking girl sit next to my seat once.. talk about luck lol But the good thing about it is that we are very good friends now

and my hamburger helper err i meant RIO she's a cutie too
Flight 845? Oh yeah i was on that flight...That HAD to be the first officers landing, cuz he just smacked it down on there. I think it may have been his first trip. We came in really high at first, and then we got waaaaay to slow. Even though i was sitting in Seat 22D, i still had a good view of it all!


Since they werent responding, i figured id go ahead and give ya a preview.
good old American sleeping, head back, snoring, mouth open with dribble running down)!!

[/ QUOTE ]

Did you know that about 30 percent of all women refuse to sleep in public because of that reason? I read that somewhere, and thought it was hilarious!

I don't understand why you'd give up a little shut eye for someone who you will likely never see again. And if you do want to see that person again, odds are good that you won't be falling asleep!
Well I am definately not one of the thirty percent. Let me sleep and I am one happy camper.
boy was I miserable minus the IFE

[/ QUOTE ]

I just take my mp3 discman, problem solved on both a MD-80 and J41. I'll have to say that extra legroom on AA is a welcome change