Poetic Justice...


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Seems some ex-United management feels they are getting screwed in the backruptcy proceedings....hahaha, I fart in their general direction....

Goodwin Suing for Benefits (from the January 14 Bloomberg Wire)

Jim Goodwin and 25 other ex-company officials asked a U.S. bankruptcy judge Tuesday to order the release of internal company documents that may bolster their bid for hundreds of thousands of dollars in extra retirement benefits. The executives, who include Stuart Oran, president of United's defunct business-jet unit Avolar, said in their filing that the decision was "callous and arbitrary." Oran declined to comment today and Goodwin couldn't be reached for comment. Oran, who was to receive $300,000 in yearly retirement benefits, will now get about $20,000 - "an amount that will be impossible to live on," court papers say. Other former executives who joined the court request include former UAL senior vice president Hart Langer.