PLEASE HELP!!! Admitted to ERAU, need scholarship suggestions please!


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Hello everyone! This is an awesome site, I'm excited to be on here and I'm real excited about life right now. I just got into Embry and was/am very happy about that. I want to be a pilot so badly. The MAJOR problem is, it cost $35,000 a year to go to Embry. Would anyone please help me out and tell me something more than the couple little suggestions on the other part of the site? I have already read that. Oh yeah, another thing. I'm 22 and a vet of the Navy who did not take advantage of the Montgomery GI Bill so I will need every single bit of help I can get. Thanks for helping out people. PEACE.
I have many ideas on how to get you financial Aid (and anyone else who needs help). I am presently at work and can respond more from home over the weekend. But please send me an email at I will tell you all the things that you have to do to find financial aid. What semester do you start.?