Planesense Hiring?


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Planesense's website has been advertising a need for SICs for the spring of 2014 for many months now. I've sent in my resume and emailed a handful of times with someone in HR. All of a sudden they're like ghosts. No replies to emails or calls, and I exceed all minimums desired. Any idea as to whether or not they're hiring still? Or should I take the sudden lack of communication as a hint and look elsewhere?
I am not, but I'd be more than happy to relocate on my own accord and get to an interview on my own. I had been conversing with someone specific in HR but over the past week and a half the line has gone dead. I exceed all minimums.
i know we get a lot of resumes, so not being within 100 miles of a base might be why they're not calling. They are interviewing currently, I know that much.
Just saw an ad for them on the orange site. They want 3000TT and TPIC experience, as well as some other interesting preferences for a fleet of PC12s (300 PIC in a turbojet, 135/91 instructor/check airman experience in turbojet aircraft, etc).
"Pilatus is currently developing the PC-24, and anticipates the jet to be certified in the first half of 2017, with customer deliveries commencing shortly thereafter."

Highly doubt those minimums are for the PC-24 or in anticipation for that 3 years down the road...

Either way, anyone know what 1st year Capt pay is?
Heard they just opened up an MCO base. I am about to apply but here is my situation: Currently living in Jacksonville, FL. Its a little over 100 miles away. My family also has a house in Atlanta, GA that I could easily relocate to, but I would prefer not to. Do they allow you to just have a crash pad in your base or do they physically want you to live there? I have a couple of friends who work for Wheels Up and they also have a "live within 2 hours rule" or something of that nature but they both live about 4 hours outside of their base. Do you think they would hire me into the MCO base? Also, is there any specific person I should address my cover letter to? Thanks!
I don't understand this interview mentality. Whats 100 miles have do to with anything if a candidate state's he's willing to relocate? Doesn't being a pilot pretty much mean were willing to move around? How many pilots actually spend their entire career in a 100 mile radius of where they grew up?