Plane Rental?


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I will be attending ATP this summer for the ACPP course and have a question for anyone that may know. Does ATP allow their students to rent an aircraft or are there places close to the Staurt facility that you could rent from? I am planning on flying back to Pa once or twice over the course of the training and would rather build hours flying then sitting in the passenger seat.
PilotGuy- are you going to be enrolled in the 90 day or the 10 month program? if you plan on being in the 90 day you won't have much time if any to go anywhere. usually if you have any time off it will only be about a day at a time. IF THAT. to answer your question, no i don't believe ATP will rent there aircraft outside of training purposes. in fact, the only time you can even solo them is if your enrolled in the ppl course in jax and are working on your solo requirements. i had to do some time building during the acpp to meet there cross-country time requirements and i had to have an instructor with me. i think they have their insurance set up that way. maybe that's part of the reason their prices are so reasonable.
there is another small flight school on the feild at stuart. "MICHIGAN FLYER" who posts on here is an instructor there. not sure if they rent their aircraft out though. you may want to post a question to him.
ATP does not rent airplanes. Hollywood is correct in that the only time you will be in one of ATP aircraft solo is when you do the required 10 hours of solo time in the PPL program, and that in the 90 program you will not have much time for anything else. (You may get a day or two off every so often.)
I know at Craig (in Jacksonville) you can rent from Sterling Aviation (right next to ATP) and they have lovely aircraft to rent. As a matter of fact the photo of the short final (in my avitar) at Cedar Keys was from a Sterling owned 172 SP.
Flight Training International is a flight school in Stuart, in the hangar next to the Galaxy Aviation ramp. They have some decent planes. You'll be busy in the ACPP, and probably won't have much time for fun flying. I kept trying to get checked out at the above school, but never found the time.
Thanks for the response. Yes, I will be in the 90 day program. I already spoke to a few instructors there and found out that It wouldn't be a problem for me to fly back to Pa if needed. Due to my current employment, I will, more then likely, need to fly back for court cases. And yes, I am on the "good guys" side. When the subpoena is issued, ya gotta go so you can STAY on the "good guys" side. Like I said in the other post, I would rather log the time then ride.
excellent choice! SUA is the best ATP location. (personal opinion).
i did my interview this past friday and everything went well. all i have left to do is the phone interview and set my class date. i am hopeing for about may 25th. i am morris by the way. maybe you will be in my class
Hey man,

How was the interview can you tell the process and what you remember from it. I'm interviewing in april for a june or july start date.

i sent you a private message.

but here it is again:

questions included: what is Va, light gun signals, visibility requirements for airspace classes, oxygen requirements, length of medicals. etc.

the sim went fine. they dont expect you to do perfect, they just want to see if you can fly the headings and altitudes they give you and understand what they are telling you to do. basically, if you have ever flown an airplane, then you will do fine in the sim.

i actually had fun during my interview! i cant wait to start