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[FONT=Monospace,Courier]KORD 050057Z 30016G24KT 270V340 1 1/2SM R14R/4000VP6000FT TSRA BR SCT013 BKN028CB OVC075 23/21 A2993 RMK AO2 PRESRR CONS LTGICCG ALQDS TS ALQDS MOV E P0018[/FONT]
KORD 050027Z 050024 06010KT 4SM TSRA BKN025CB
TEMPO 0102 27020G50KT 1/2SM +TSRA VV010CB
FM0600 28005KT 6SM BR BKN020 OVC070
FM1400 26008KT P6SM BKN035 OVC120
FM1800 34012KT P6SM BKN200
[FONT=Monospace,Courier]KMDW 050106Z 30032G51KT 1SM R31C/3000VP6000FT +TSRA SQ BKN025 BKN030CB OVC035 25/21 A3002 RMK AO2 PK WND 29051/0104 TSB06RAB06 PRESRR CONS LTGICCG OHD TS OHD MOV E P0000[/FONT]
KMDW 050029Z 050024 07010KT P6SM VCTS BKN025CB
TEMPO 0102 27020G50KT 1/2SM +TSRA VV010CB
FM0700 28005KT 6SM BR BKN020 OVC070
FM1400 26008KT P6SM BKN035 OVC120
FM1800 34012KT P6SM BKN200


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Kind of disappointed that nobody is going through the thick of the storm! The two UA planes must have just taken off before the ground stop started.



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the cubbies had a three hour delay for the tornado warning. they had to empty the stands back into the concourse. I suppose that was a little safer. :rolleyes:


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Saw green sky and some rotation over RFD during that.

Then we had a CPA 744F divert that I happend to catch going right over my house.

Kinda made my day. :laff:


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We were sitting in the airplane from 0044z to when we took off 2hrs later. It was a pretty good show...I think everyone was a little on edge about the tornado warnings, but there was enough lightning that none of the aircraft that were off the gate were getting back. They evacuated the tracon, and it ended up taking quite a while to get things rolling again.

The worst of it was that a second storm hit at about 2230 local, and caused a huge number of holds coming in from the west. We were one of the last west departures to get out.

Boris Badenov

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The early morning flight in was extremely interesting, although by the time I got there, it was easy to get around the backside, but the light show was pretty intense. Unfortunately, due to my shaky, sweaty palms, I can only take pictures (and poorly, then) in the morning on the way back. Which presented its own challenges...


Brian Z

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I was in the corp apartment about 5 miles from ORD in Park Ridge when the sirens went off. There was not much other then wind, rain and the light show.