Want to Buy Piper Archer


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Im looking for a low to mid time Piper Archer for one of my students and possibly myself. We would like a clean Archer with a decent paint job. My partner is flexible but doesnt want old looking color schemes for paint or interior. Must have a throttle quadrant (his preference). A Garmin 430 or any comparable moving map GPS is really the only avionics requirment.

Heres the kicker-he's looking for owner financing. He can put down a good percentage and we can have a balloon payment down the road part of the deal. A lein will stay on the aircraft until paid in full. We are both very credit worthy and he has very good income and assets. Due to his job and his need for access to credit (contractor/real estate investor) we would like to cut out the banks on the deal.

He has a very nice 08(?) black F-350 that can be used for trade for the plane also. We havent discussed in detail about it but he also has a nice fishing boat that he values at 120k that he may sell/trade to make the purchase of the plane possible. I can find out more about it if anyones interested.

If anyone is interested or know of anyone that is interested please PM me. We will enteratain any ideas or deals. Thanks.
I sent a PM with no response but am posting this in case others may be interested. I have a good friend that has a mid 70's Archer with about 700 hours smoh, 10 hours on the prop and new paint. Also has a mid seventies Warrior with 25 smoh. He is very flexible and would consider owner financing and trades. Call me at 850 665 3270 if you have an interest and would like to discuss. JOE