Pilot's Prayer


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Pilot\'s Prayer

Fiance got me the greatest gift for my birthday . . . in a nice wooden frame with a picture of 3 C-5 Galaxies at the top is the Pilot's Prayer:

"Oh Controller Who Sits in Tower
Hallowed Be Thy Sector
Thy Traffic Come, Thy Instruction Done
On the Ground as in the Air

Give us This Day Our Radar Vectors
And Forgive Us Our TCA Incursions
as We Forgive Those who Cut us Off on Final

And Lead us Not Into Adverse Weather
But Deliver Our Clearances

Re: Pilot\'s Prayer

Maybe it's just because my day has been complete s**t, on top of an overall bad week - but that's friggin' hillarious I laughed out loud and my coworkers gave me the "are you loading a semi-automatic weapon under your desk?" look!