Pilots de Iberia?

If Iain the the Sr. VP of Intl. Dev. for Jetcareers.com, LLC, who is the counsel of record? Go get the lawyers....sic' em boys....sic' em!

Or...as the movie goes, " Sick BALLS!"

Let's all send him an email telling him how we feel about his flagrant theft of Doug's intellectual property....

His name is Patrick Moran. His email is cloudzrest@yahoo.com

Drop him a line and let him know you care!!!!

Editors note: This is what I sent him....

Why don't you give Doug Taylor of www.jetcareers.com a little credit for the material you STOLE from him, you plagiarizing F***!

Publicly apologize or you will get a cease and desist letter.....

Go look at the rest of his site....he's on the flight team!


Here's a pic FROM the thief's website...a pic of him and his flight team towing a 150. That's right....takes SIX people to hand tow a 150.

This is on his *home page*....sounds like he's had issues with copyrights before...

10/28 - Due to popular request, all photos not taken by me have been removed from the website.

This guy deserves a proper email beat-down.

I've nothin' else to do tonight!

I like a public lynching as much as the next person, but don't you think we should act as the adults most of us are?

I mean just send the guy a email politely requesting that he either take down the article in question or give our friend, Dougie, some credit.

If he doesn't respond, I say break out the rope!
Chunk no need to worry! I graduated from SJSU myself and as i was going through that website, i saw the pics and i know each one of them. They are from SJSU flight team. I can't wait to see them and hear what they have to say! WOW what a small world aviation is-man!
Alright....maybe I jumped the gun. But I've been refraining from talking politics in the squawk box for the last few days and I guess I jumped the guy as a target of opportunity.

He hasn't responded to my email, yet.

You have to admit....it was a *really* sleazy thing to do....
Yeah, isn't all of Doug's stuff copyrighted? I think we should write him a cordial, yet firm letter kindly requesting him to remove Doug's creations.
Yikes, everyone is so trippin'. And doug hasnt even commented yet. So, I think before everyne gets crazy, we should ask Doug, because what if doug did give permission to use his work? then we all would like like asses! Besides its Doug's work, lets let him handle it.