Pilot (Kenai) AK


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Part 135, all cargo, operator has a year round, full-time position opening for a commercial, instrument, multi-engine rated pilot. Alaska time, R985, and tail-wheel aircraft experience a plus. Position is based in Kenai Alaska, providing world class recreation opportunities, outstanding quality of life and lower housing costs.

This position offers the right team player an opportunity to work at a growing company with increasing professional and financial rewards. Must be dependable, self-directed, able to efficiently manage time and effectively complete required tasks. Excellent organizational and planning skills are also required

Interested applicants please Email resume to: hr@asak.us
Hmmm, ME, R985, Tailwheel. Beech 18?

And if you're based in Kenai they're right about the world class recreation opportunies. The Kenai Peninsula rocks. Definitely a small town environment but not the bush.
Perhaps..... I think they haul mostly fuel in that thing. There's also another aircraft based at Kenai that is a twin, has radials, and it a taildragger. But those big round ones are definitely bigger the R985s.
That's air supply alaska, I'd avoid this place. They have a lot of high turnover, plus bad equipment if what is heard is to be believed.