JSFirm Pilot Falcon 50

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Executive Air Services Miami, Florida:
Executive Air Services in Miami, FL is seeking professional, flexible,
dynamic pilots with Falcon 50 experience to join our team. Great communicators coupled with enthusiasm and the desire to give the passengers the best possible flight experience from beginning to end.
Pilot-in-command (PIC):
Final authority for the operation of the aircraft assigned. Responsible for safe and efficient transport of passengers and crew. Authority to delay, cancel or discontinue a flight when conditions are unsuitable for the conduct or continuation of the flight. Authority to indicate a change in the planned flight during the flight when such a change is appropriate for the safe operation of the aircraft. Responsible for flight planning and coordinating changes in the flight schedule. Institute all necessary changes as required by en-route conditions such that the flight may continue under appropriate procedures and rules.Ensures adherence to Executive Air Services policies and procedures.

Second-in-command (SIC):
Assist the pilot-in-command during all phases of flight in accordance with company procedures and flight operations manual.
Completion of duties as assigned by the pilot-in-command. Ensure that manuals and charts are on board the aircraft. Ensures that the aircraft is properly maintained and ready for operation. Maintain clean, stocked aircraft and workplace. Organize catering and other customer specific items are on board the aircraft. Make an immediate report in any hazardous action, conduct or event to the director of safety . Comply with all policies and procedures specified in the company flight operations manual. Submit flight and duty records. Complete
required training in a timely manner. Maintain harmony and cohesiveness within EAS, flight operations and the crew members. Other duties as assigned.

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