Pilot Dies in Reno Air Race Certification Flight


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Not at all. Happens every day. Last month, only four days went by without an aviation mishap of some sort.


It just seems like the frequency of accidents is up, thanks to 24 hour news networks, the internet, and a psychological principle known as the availability heuristic.

While I'm very sad to hear about this most recent crash, my concern is that after the three fatal crashes at Reno last year (one of which I witnessed), and now this one, uninformed public outcry may threaten future prospects for what is one of the greatest aviation events anywhere. And THAT would be a shame!


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Maybe it is just more are near Utah so it is in Utah news more. It seems that more people have died in plane crashes this year, or at least in the last month. I know of at least 3 deadly crashed in Utah within this last month. Usually you hear of the plane crashes but not this many deaths in them. I think it was something like 15 Utahns were killed in plane crashed in Utah in the last month, 20 total with all the people from the Guatemala crash. That seems significantly higher than usual.