JSFirm Pilot 91 (2013718)

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Landmark Aviation Dulles, Virginia:


  • Check aircraft prior to flights to ensure that engines, controls, instruments, and other systems are functioning properly
  • Contact control towers for clearances and instructions using radio equipment, start engines, operate controls
  • Pilot airplanes to transport passengers or freight according to flight plans
  • Monitor engine operation, fuel consumption, functioning of aircraft, altitudes, plane weight, weather, and wind conditions before and during flight.
  • Order changes in fuel, load, routes, or schedules and plan flights according to government and company regulations to ensure flight safety
  • Comply with company and regulatory policies and procedures.
  • Be an active participant in fostering safety as the fundamental precept of Landmark’s business, seeking opportunities to enhance safety and bring to the company’s attention issues that have the potential to compromise its safety standards.

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