Pilatus jobs...


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Looking for something in a Pilatus since I've flown it before... ex Alpha Flying guy...

Are there any other operators around the US looking for pilots? Just curious, I have about 280 on type and 1385TT...:D
Hey what happened to the military gig?? I see a couple pilatus out here in India, next time I see one I'll see who's flying it and if they need anyone.

Ahh nothing I'm just curious, Illl be gone until the first week of October then after that its back to Square one again looking for a full time job (I"ll be Army Res)... Right now it looks like it'll be back to instructing again... :whatever:
Yeah when I used to fly with Alpha one the Captains said someone had started a fractional operator flying Pilatuses over there... sounds lucrative!:rawk:
Well I've seen one in Bangalore, another in Kalettia, and I'm sure there's gotta be one in Delhi. I havn't flown though more than 5 hours this month so really havn't been out there looking around. i'll keep an eye open.