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I have some cool pictures I took at the naval aviation museum that I would like to post. I don't have a web page so is there any other way to post my pictures?
Well you just need a host. You can sign up at many places to have your pictures hosted, but if you don't know how to do that, feel free to email them to me and I will make a collage and post them for you.
Ps, I know there are several places to host, but the only non-child related one I can think of is imagestation.com. I really like growthspurts.com but you would have to make up a baby's name and bday.
You can try www.fs2002.com and go under the real world photo forum and at the top it will say upload a picture. That's the place all us wannabe kids hang out and talk about our limited aviation experiences.
Naval Aviation Musem at Pensacola??
that is an awesome place.. try and watch the Blues practise if you have the time
I bet yours are the least limited on there!

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Haha, yeah........................