Pics from my First XC

These pics are from August when I took my Long/Night XC
Me and my friend waiting for my instructor.. who forgot the keys in the office

Got the keys, then my girlfriend gave me some aviators for the occasion

My Passengers, my girlfriend and my buddy. Both hate flying, and planes, and leaving the ground in general.

They Loosened up and had a good time anyway.

Climbing out of KLNK heading to KMKC

Heading into downtown KC.. I got to fly through the Class Bravo of KMCI.. that was an experience.

Approaching to land at KMKC

My friend awaits impact...errr landing..

Safely on the ground,

From the ramp at Executive Beechcraft

We went to Jack-Stack BBQ.. Great place.. then flew back home to Lincoln but I can't find those pics, and this is getting a little long.. Enjoy! --Edit__ fixed Airport Identifiers


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Nice pics! Seems like just yesterday I was doing XCs. Now I'm flying an RJ around. You'll be there before you know. Just enjoy the ride.

KC Jake

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I think the airport identifier you're looking for is MKC, not MSI. International in Kansas City it MCI. The pictures are from MKC though.
Ditch the shades dude.
Lol.. they were a gift from my girlfriend.. because every good pilot needs aviators right?.. I laughed and gave her a picture...

Yeah.. my dog got that, and the front cover of my log book... the facility directory was shredded, but the logbook just has a big scratch on the front of it..

I'm more careful with my flight bag now..