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Hey, Anyone who has trained at, or been to the Phoenix location, how is/what condition is their simulator, apartments, location to the airport, and what airport does ATP use for training in Phoenix? Also if anyone has completed the ACCP there, where are you likely to get a chance to fly your XC's to, mostly CA, or do you get a chance to fly to the east coast like ATL and JAX some too? Also what is the usual number of instructors and students? Thanks for any info, I am thinking of either the phoenix location or stuart FL...
A lot of the answers to your questions can be found by searching this website, but here it is in a nutshell:

Phx apartments are very nice. They would definitely be out of my price range if I weren't working for ATP. They are also managed by one of the better management companies in the Phoenix area, you can get lots of discounts and extras on local attractions if you know what's available. I just googled this website but it looks like it'll tell you what you want to know

You're not going to find a full mock up of a piper seminole here, but the AST 300 is plenty to get you on the right track with your instrument flying, and the office is just an office, like any other office.

XC's are flown to So Cal a lot, but many ACPP's get to go nationwide. I flew as far west as Salem, and as far east as JAX.

Right now there are 4 instructors and 11 ACPP's.

Hope that helped.
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Thanks Captain Bob