PHX area get together


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I've been meaning to do this for awhile now and just saw it over in another thread so I gues I should get my act together.

If anyone wants to get together and tell lies this weekend lets aim for Saturday, 6p.m.-ish at Deer Valley Restaurant? Good food, cheap prices and lots of room.

Open for suggestions however.
I'm leaving to DFW on saturday afternoon, but I can send an 8x10 glossy!
I'm just goofin'
Actually if you can just get me a picture of you standing someplace I'll make a life-size cut out that we can tote around to these things.

Now THAT's a scary thought, eh?
Heck I bought my life size cut out of Mr and Mrs. JC

[/ QUOTE ]

Ok THAT's more disturnbing than my original idea ...

slowly steps back from Iain ...

Heck I did not tell you that if you pull the string on their backs they read phrases.

Doug says:
Network Network Network
You need a college degree
Do not pay for experience - earn it!

Kristie says:
I do not like the MD-80 it is small
Flying strand by is no fun
Doug - get off the computer!!!
I can probably go. Pilot602 it would probably just be us two again though? Isn't anyone else in the PHX area? Come on, I know you people are out there in the 110 degree weather somewhere!