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hey ya'all,

I just started my junior year at ASU at the Tempe campus and hoping to get info on the different flight schools around me. I would like to work on my instrument rating while in school and don't really want to do the school's overpriced aviation program.

So, any suggestions? good flight schools? schools to avoid? anything, I'm a noob here =)



4 out of 5 great lakes prefer Michigan.
Arizona Flight Training Center is out in Glendale. A bit pricey, but I got my Instrument ticket with the guy who owns AFTC while he was the CP at a prior school. Rick Rademaker is his name, great guy.


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Chandler Air Service at CHD estimates about 7grand for instrument there.Price is relatively higher probably because there is no sim, but that would be close to Tempe. Aerosim Aviation LLC at GEU has some good guys in my expirience. You can call them and get a quote for instrument and costs can be slashed because you can do some of your stuff in the sim. The obvious drawback is the longer drive from Tempe. Also Arizona Aviation at FFZ has reasonable rates for instrument. They also have you do half the stuff in a sim which saves you money.Maybe these few suggestions can help.


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+1 on Arizona Aviation at Falcon Field.

During my training at ATP at IWA I rented planes, did my high performance endorsement and tail wheel training here. I have nothing but good things to say about these people.


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Another idea is Sheble in Fort Mohave. You could see if you could work something out with them by doing their 10 day program a couple days at a time. The total cost is only $4300 for 20 hours 172, 20 hours SIM, ground and the aircraft for the checkride, check ride feeis extra. You could make a few trips and be done. Of course you could also just get the basics down in PHX then run up to Sheble for a weekend to knock it all out quick and save a load of cash! Good Luck!


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Thanks for all the input you guys!

I visited SDL and the academies at DVT. I've narrowed it down to 2, Southwest Flight Center in SDL because its the shortest travel time by bus (I live on Apache and Rural), basically straight up, and they have a DA40. Or the heavily popular Arizona Aviation at FFZ because of their attractive rates but longer bus rides....

I did consider doing the 15 day glass program that ATP has and the 10 day Sheble program, but I don't have the time to take time off from school nor a car. I can only fly MWF after school thats spread over a couple of weeks.


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I'm in ASU's program at Polytechnic. It's not overpriced compared to what they charged with MPD. ATP is cheaper. With VA of course I'm not paying a dime that's a different story.

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