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Hello all!

In the next 4-5 months i want to continue from my PPL to the ATPL and was thinking of the Phoenix East Aviation.. I am a foreign student so a visa would be needed and a lot of paper work too i guess. I have read previous posts back in 2001-2003 about PEA but they are not locked and can't reply there, so a new post in the only way (sorry about that mods).
I was wondering if there are any current students or instructors reading this forum and would appreciate a situation status at this school at this time.. I have not yet signed anything and if a better school is found, of course i would go with it.. Any impressions/suggestions are welcomed!

Thanks a lot!
Greetings from Greece!
Welcome to Jet Careers,

Personally I cant offer too much detail cause I didn't train at PEA but I did visit the school back in late 2007 and overall I was impressed.

  • Their facility was very nice! On the first floor they had the main office, sim lab, and dispatch areas all in separate rooms. On the second floor they had a classroom and study areas. The setup was similar to a mini aviation college.

  • The staff seemed to be very nice and the students looked happy.

  • Dispatch was also very organized with online scheduling. They also had several computer stations to get weather briefings and such.

  • The planes appeared to be in great shape. I believe they were in the process of updating to G1000's.

At that time I thought the pricing was pretty fair. It wasn't the cheapest nor was it the most expensive. The only reason I did not attend PEA was due to the fact that back in 2007 the hiring boom was going on and I really wanted a fast paced course (90 days) which actually backfired in my case.

At this point, all I can recommend is research, research, research! Do the math and see what works best. Also, you might want to call up smaller fbo's and see what they can offer. Hope this helps a little and if you have any more questions don't be afraid to ask.:)
I know some people who have gone to PEA for training and some CFIs who have instructed there. Overall they have well maintained aircraft, good instructors, and decent facilities. They are a little more pricey than the standard FBO or part 61 flight center but are an excellent option for foreign students who need a visa.

Once you have your visa you may be able to fly off some of your time building at another facility. "Insert blatant plug for Air America Flight Center here."