Phoenix East Aviation or Orlando Flight Training Question


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I just have a question regarding either of these schools. I am a career changer and would like to make aviation my career goal. However, before I burden myself with Key Loans I wanted to obtain my PPL to see if it's the "right fit". Any insight into either of these schools (reputation etc) would be greatly appreciated. Also, would anyone out there know how much a PPL at a Flight Safety or Comair would be?

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I toured Phoenix East two or three times and shot questions at their staff. As with any flight school, I heard both good and bad.
My experience: The staff was friendly and seemed knowledgable. The girl at the front desk is a hottie
!!! The prices were not bad and the location is in Daytona near the beach. The aircraft were very old....all of them. They have a fleet of C-152's and C-172's and a Piper Senaca (I think). They have a couple of Frasca's I believe, its been awhile since I did the tour. The school has been there for quite some time and seems to do well. I have heard that there is a lot of down time due to A/C maintenence (very old fleet) and the A/C are not airconditioned (if that is a concern to you, it wasn't a concern for me). It was quite an effort for me to actually get out on the ramp and view the A/C and getting into the maintenence hangar was impossible. There are a huge number of foreign students, more than I have seen at other schools, and I wasn't comfortable with that for some reason. I ended up not going back to a flight academy due to a bad experience with Pan Am International Flight Academy. Sorry Phoenix East...Pan Am screwed ya!!! I don't know anything at all about Orlando Flight Training...sorry. Hope this helps a little.
Hey Dan. I went to Phoenix East for my instrument rating. Apart from the usual bad stuff, such as, admissions guys blowing smoke, the few bad apples of the bunch, I liked the school. They have something like 10 172's, 15-ish 152's, 4 (I think) Arrows, and 5 Senecas. Most of the instructors as good, and they're very good about switching instructors for you if you are not pleased with the one you have. I would still be there to finish up the rest of my ratings if not for personal reasons that I had to move back home for. And yes, the girl in dispatch is a complete hottie, and cool as heck on top of that. Just wait til you see the girl in accounting.
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