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It is obvious that a plethora of you are very upset about Pan AM International Flight Academy, with this in mind what schools would you recommend in the greater Phoenix area and why? I am currently seeking out a flight school in the Phoenix area to begin my training and hopefully a new career. Please remember we will all have differing opinions so if you disagree that’s just fine but please do not bash someone because their experience may be different then yours.
Pan Am is your best bet if you want to go to an academy. If you like the FBO style, Westwind Aviation has a good program also. It depends on what type of experience you are looking for. If you want an accelerated program, ATP will get you through very fast, but I won't vouch for the quality of training.
Westwind is FBO style! They would be very interested in hearing that! Well, there you have the Pan AM / Westwind rivalry. Basically, the two businesses are one in the same.

You've got a good question though and I spent nine months training in Phoenix, so I think I can answer it. Most of the airports (except sky harbor of course) have several FBOS. Check Stellar, Chandler, Falcon, and Scottsdale airports. I went to an FBO at the Scottsdale airport called Sawyer Aviation. I got some excellent training there and, in fact, that FBO used to be based out of Sky Harbor before September 11. There's a lot of traffic in Phoenix, and sometimes the controllers get rather busy, but it is a good place to do training because the weather permits flying almost every day. Just be ready for the heat and those turbulent thermals!
Angel Air out of Stellar Airpark is awesome. They have brand new 172sp's. I think their website is . I am saying that I have had an excellent experience with them, and I'm not trying to advertise.
Try International Airline Training Academy based out of Glendale. I visited there last summer and was very impressed. The owner used to be a 747 captain for many years so everything is done like at an airline. It's pay as you go so if you're not happy you can leave at any time. Also, many students from overseas attend there.

It's at Glendale Municipal Airport, 6801 North Glen Harbor Boulevard, Suite 200, Glendale, AZ 85307 Tel. 1800 933 7590 web. It's worth checking out.
I never realized their were so many airports let alone flight schools in the phoenix area. This weekend I traveled to 6 local airports throughout the greater Phoenix area. I am leaning towards the following four schools and wondered if anyone had any comments.
1. CRM at Scottsdale Airport
2. Sunbird Aviation at Chandler Airport
3. IATA at Glendale Airport
4. Westwind at Deer Valley Airport

Any comments on your experince with these schools would be great!

Hope to be flying soon,

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Westwind seemed to have a very friendly atmosphere. I was impressed by the lay out of the facility and the staff. However I was disappointed in the age of the aircraft. Though they have there own maintenance department that is very well respected the aircraft especially the 152 & 172 all were 10 plus years old. My estimate would be the average age was around 15 years old. Also I was not interested in their right seat direct program because I have a full time job, which I will be keeping while beginning my training and that did not work for me.

A work associate of mine finished his Private their about a year ago and was very impressed.

After touring about 12 flight schools in the phoenix area I choose to go to CRM in Scottsdale. This school has a small community atmosphere, new aircraft, and is very flexible in regards to training. This was why I choose them. It may not be the facility you choose because everyone’s personal preference is different. Their website is web page
Best of luck in your search!