Phenom 100 insurance req.

The company I have been flying for in the bonanza a36 and cirrus sr22 is planning the purchase of a phenom 100. Obviously this is all conditional to 1-2 of the next contracts coming through but I wanted to start investigating into the matter myself.

He has offered me the job conditional to insurance requirements. I'm currently at 1600tt 200 multi(100 being multi turbine) CFI/II/MEI. I already have an sic type in the 500 series citation jet.

Any ideas of what I could expect for single pilot part 91 ops? We would contract out a right seat typed pilot as long as it takes.


I was assuming somewhere in the 500 hour multi turbine range and 2000tt if named insured.

Stone Cold

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I would make inquiries with the insurance company. Somebody here might have a guesstimate that is years old, or with a different insurer. Call and see what the people that will actually be giving you the requirements will need.

Good luck!!


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You can insure most people on any airframe. It all depends on how much you have to pay to do it and how much mentoring time you are required to have. In your case it will be costly between insurance and 50ish hours of mentor time at around 800/hr.