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I know the position of PFE is not long for this world, but is there any demand at all left for it (Kalitta, Evergreen, Amerijet, ETC.)? The only thread I could find was a couple years old. An upcoming furlough from my A&P job has me thinking I wouldn't mind trying the PFE gig till it dies out.


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We have a bunch of PFE's furloughed, and they're desperately looking for work.

I think Amerijet out of MIA is hiring, but I don't know of any of our guys there.

A couple went to Southern. Scuttlebut on is that Southern lost a contract for 3 planes, but found some more work

Kalitta, no one knows after the accidents what's going on.

The Zone (Evergreen) is on a hire/furlough rotation.

I think Atlas is hiring F/Es, but I'm not sure. 2 airplanes came back from tradewinds. If they are hiring, plan on being based in Stanstead England. Do your due dilligence on the work rules.

World Airways runs some DC-10s, but I'm not sure about them hiring

Omni has some DC-10s too.