Per Diem


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Hi all,

Just wondering what some of you do for calculating your per diem.

In my example, I'm paid $1.70 per hour per diem. Multiply that by 24 hours and you get $40.80. I go to an overnight in Jacksonville, Florida. The standard deduction for JAX is $49.00. That's a difference of $8.20 on what I'm actually paid. Per the IRS website, I multiply the $8.20 difference by 75% for a partial day and get $6.15. Is that the amount I can claim as a tax deduction?

Another example is Nassau, Bahamas. The website which lists all standard MI&E per diem rates, lists Nassau at $152 for part of the year. So that leaves me with $111.20 times 75% to get a daily deduction of $83.40. Just seems kind of high and was curious if anyone has any suggestions.



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Haven't bothered to do anything like that yet. . .I'm just lucky if I even spend enough time away from base to bother. ;)

When tax season comes around it'll be a different story.


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I normally just take the standard per diem rate that the IRS has set up. It normally works out better that way, and you don't have to figure it out for every single overnight separately.

Also, keep in mind that Nassau is probably considered international. Most airlines and corporate ops have a separate per diem rate for international. Well, I say most, but I don't think any of the regionals do. I guess Canada, Mexico and the Bahamas are considered "domestic" to the bean counters.....