PEPC Confirmation


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I responded immediately to my invite but have not received a confirmation as of yet. :banghead: I chose Memphis since it's the only time I know I can be available. I was wondering if any one else is yet to receive their confirmation for Memphis. Perhaps they haven't scheduled anything yet since it's not until the end of July? Just curious. Thanks.


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Hey I chose MEM as well....I read somewhere that a previous applicant did not receive confirmation untill 2 days prior to the PEPC date that he had chosen.

Also, I called a member of the forum who had his interview on June 18th. He said he thinks he received his confirmation letter about a week before his PEPC date.

Obviously this stinks when it comes to booking a using AA miles so I can not wait untill the last minute....AA miles jsut don't work like the way everything I have read about MEMPHIS is bad...DIRTY SOUTH...