People Veiwing


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So, I had nothing better to do today!:sarcasm:
I noticed we have at least 30 people viewing all day long, and the evening is when most people view JC. So When are you mainly on JC? Myself, I'm a pilot turning ATC, so when I'm not drinking and making people pray:nana2: I'm on here!!


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I am usually on half the time on the weekends and during the week from..

0630-0730 (drive to work)
0815-1115 (time to get lunch)
1145-1415 (time for Starbucks)
1430-1650 (drive home)
1745-2300 (nighty night)


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On Saturday and Sunday I am usually on for 12 hours straight, nothing else to do at work. That reminds me I lied at PEPC, I do have an addiction, Well thank you guys for helping me with the first step of realizing that I have an addiction. :crazy:

Oh yeah, I am on here everyday during the week too.


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You can count me in the no-life club. Between waiting to go through the wringer here and FINALLY starting school.. i basically have this website up all day before and after I get home from my weekend job as a cook.. which.. well.. is a weekend job.

oh god please please please let me get hired..

this job will GIVE me a life...

oh yeah.. i forgot to mention. i live in a town of about 150, and the other people my age can be tallied on 3 fingers... so, yeah no GF, no friends.

as I was saying.. oh god.. please..:panic:


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Hmm, since i was having no life, I changed my work schedule to on-call
Now i've been working 8-hrs, rest 8-hrs, work 8hrs, rest 8 hrs,... all three shifts of the day... on my 5th shift in a row :panic: (I think this is worse than ATC, lol)

Hmmm....graveyard tonight and I haven't slept :buck:


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yah eest true.

I just need to find a job I like enough to kill myself doing. Hell ATC sounds like it'd do the trick. who knows!


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ATC schedule wil be so much better than what I'm working now. It will be my first job with shift work , bring it on!!! I am tired of working two jobs on the weekend. Between the two jobs I work 36 hrs out of 48 hrs in a weekend. 36 hours does not include taking a shower, eating, driving to work and back home. Needless to say come 6am Sunday morning when I get off work I am a zombie.


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very very large community. Good aesthetics too.

Stuckmic.. if you're open to feedback i'd say work with your GUI settings a little bit it's just.. well, hard to adjust to after working on a website like this one for a while.

but keep it up i'm sure you'll start getting more traffic.. although it will be hard to compete with something well-established like this one.

(hooray my 100th post)


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Re: People Viewing

I am absolutely addicted to this site. I usually keep it up on my computer all day and hit refresh every now and then. I used to be able to read every thread but that stopped about June. Now, I can only read the ones with titles that peak my interest.