People just burst in to spontaneous applause...


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First time flying into SJU I was positive space in the back on my way to a union thing. Everyone clapped and I thought maybe I missed the PA “we are probably going to die.”


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With how horrible flying commercial can be and how excited a lot of people are to go on vacation can you really blame them for being a bit pumped things went off uneventfully out of all the possible things that can go wrong in air travel these days? Out of all the things and there are quite a few that are really irritating I don't understand what's so bad about clapping after getting to where you wanted to go. Would you rather them be angry or upset. It seems like there's just no winning in the 121 world just a lot of whining, although somehow the folks at Southwest can be in a good mood in spite of how bad I've heard the 737 cockpit is and that there's no folding table for them to play with their action figures on during long flights.


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Do people clap floatplane landings (or should that be waterings)
Not in my experience. They definitely won’t be clapping if you land with wheels down in the water.

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IDK ... I go to a movie and people clap at the end. I assume the projectionist is thrilled (if there even IS one anymore) but no one else hears the applause.

Don’t fly much anymore. Last time was to FLA for a son’s wedding several years ago and I was ... perplexed ... when the passengers started clapping just because we landed.

People have become odd to nth degree.


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I too have encountered this phenomenon. I find it's usually sarcastic clapping & hollering due to a 2-3+ hour delay, sometimes on takeoff, sometimes on landing. Usually it's on spirit/allegiant.