Pelican Flight Training Center - Florida


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I am looking for feedback/comment on 'Airplane J-1 professional diploma program' and the school.
Please post your comment if you have any experience with 'Pelican':-
1) Traing standard
2) Fleet+FI availability during training
3) Chance of employment as FI after course completion
4) Average time and/or money spend to finish
5) Overall school facility and reputation
6) Any other useful info.

Thanks for your help in advance.


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I´m at Pelican right now. A lot of things will change...because the school is expanding - but let´s see:

1) I would say good. I have seen other schools and have seen worse and better. Going to Pelican will give you a good education. You get what you pay for.

2) Fleet OK...some old 152s, 172s and a Katana. No new airplanes....airplanes look old and worn...but hey - they are trainers
FI availability good...but everybody will be really busy from the next months

3) Almost assured if you are not a total jerk

4) Don´t know.... Time to finish from Zero to Hero with CFI Ratings: about 6 to 8 months. Quicker if you do your commercial in the winter time. We have fixed X-Country routes....and the weather can ground you for days and weeks in the summer right now

5) No fancy buildings. Reputation good...especially in Great Britain

6) Good community among the instructors and students. Business is run as a family business. For other stuff...just PM me