Past due Transponder inspection


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Hi, If an airplane is past due on it's transponder inspection (everything else is fine. annual..etc.) and a flight needs to be completed inside a Mode-C veil (where a transponder is required) to the shop for the inspection. What needs to be done to make the flight legal? Ferry permit? Call the Tracon? Anyone ever had to deal with this? Thanks!


Yes, have done it many times. As trafficinsight said above, 91.215, in particular part (d) tells you what you need to know.

Just call the tracon tell them you want to bring a plane in for avionics work because the transponder is inop. They want to know when you'll hit their airspace, might give you vectors to help verify that the primary target they see on the scope is you, and you fly in and land. No big deal.

Have also ferried in aircraft with inoperative COM by doing a formation flight with the lead talking to approach and tower, they have also been fine with this, they just want you to keep it relatively tight, and of course get approval ahead of time.

YMMV depending upon the airport and their traffic load though.

Remember, do not turn on your transponder if it's out of date.