Passed my SIC type - Falcon FO


What can brown do for you?
I just finished my checkride today - started at 12pm and finished at 10pm this evening. Long, tough, but well worth it......... Back to more "relaxing." The checkride itself was your usual PIC standards from the right seat as PF and PNF. 2 days in the sim and checkride today. Will post later.


What can brown do for you?
Nice, good work! Your PC was 10 hours long?

- 12PM - 2PM was our Systems written
- 2:30pm - 5:00pm was our Oral.
- 5:30PM - drove to Flight safety at DFW and starts as PNF for 3 hours for the first guy, after which I did my check.

It was really long....

For you fellow Falcon drivers.... while I was PNF, PF oversped both engines after not backing out the power after his stall series. We ended up losing the left motor, with the right motor overspeeding with no throttle control at all... 102.5% the entire way down the ils... Flaps 45 with airbrakes, and gear out held her about ref+15 or so the entire way down... We figured on dead sticking her back in.... Long story short we made it down in one peace back to the runway... What a day...

IOE starts Tuesday - it's on demand freight so I have to do one trip after which I'm on my own... I'm really looking forward to it!:rawk: