Passed my CFI!!


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Wooo hoo, now officially a certified flight instructor! Passed my oral and my check ride this morning with the University of Oklahoma. Feels so good to have it over with! Now if i could just find a job lol.
Congratulations!!!:nana2: You need to imediatly stop what your doing and find the nearest bar. :D

I'm currently studying for the CFI and can only imagine what relief it must be. Honestly though, was it as tough as you thought it would be?
for me honest i didn't find the information that difficult to teach. The worst part about it was the length and talking non stop for such a long time. I had the advantage of doing it through the university so we had a CFI seminar class 3 days a week so all the information has been pounded into our heads for the past semester.
Congrats! Same boat with me now about the job search! Just send out resumes everywhere whether they're hiring or not and eventually you'll get a couple calls. Or at least that's how it's worked with me.

Good luck

Keep it going with the other instructor certificates. It'll make your job hunt a lot easier if you have them all trust me.
Congrats, I got mine on 4/8 and wow it is really a huge relief. The hardest checkride is now over in my flight training career (or so people say). You starting your CFII soon?
Congrats! I just had a few of my buddies go at their CFI's (both passed on the first try) and I know what they went through, it's not easy. Once again, Congrats!

Awesome, congrats man!

When are you going to get CFII and MEI (this is assuming you'll be getting those in the first place)?