passed multi-engine private


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Just wanted to post on my progress so far at ATP. I started the career pilot program on August 11, (3 weeks after I finished up the PPL program). I took my checkride yesterday on the 20. It's great to be moving on. Today I'm starting my Instrument liscence. In about 3-4 weeks I'll have that too. Boy it moves fast here. I love it.

Even with all of the training and studying that I go through, since I had my writtens done before I arrived, it's been less hectic than I thought it would be. I see others that aren't as fortunate to have their writtens done, and they are much more stressed than I am. Just my thoughts about getting the writtens done before you begin. DO IT! Later.


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Congrats! I just did the 10 hour Comm multi add-on at the Riverside location and passed my checkride this last Tuesday, so I know what you mean about it being a fast program. Good luck with the instrument rating.


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Good job man - keep pumpin' out those ratings. Like I said before, if you plan on stayin in Jax, plan on instructing me...say, did you guys buy both the jepp kit and the king videos? I just reserved my date for January and will start taking the writtens asap. I'm jealous of you man, can't wait!