Part-time jobs to pay for PPL training


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Well, from the previous post I did on a job as a UPS package handler, and how a lot of people didnt like the job that much, im starting to think of some other part time jobs I could inquire on.

Does anyone have any ideas on some other jobs? What did some of you who already have your PPL do to save up the money? Im hoping for a job in the aviation/transportation industry but I know I cant be too picky.

Thanks for your advice again!
Get a job as a lineman at an FBO; the pay won't be anything to write home about, but the networking potential is huge--and you'll get paid for hanging out at the airport!
A job as a linemen would be great. I held that position until my wife got pregnant. I got to know most of the people around the airport, got to fly with many that could sign the time in my logbook since they were instructors (paying minimal costs), and I met and flew with many NetJet, ex-airline, and chief pilots. Depending on the airport you work at you can meet many celebrities and people that might be looking for a qualified pilot to him/her around (I worked at SMO).
The only thing that sucked besides the pay was having to work outside in the rain and cold.
cool, now how do you get a job as a lineman in LGA or JFK, anyone know?

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If it is the close personal interaction I talked about in the previous post, I would look at a smaller GA airport that also takes the smaller corporate/charter jets.
I haven't had experience in a bigger airport such as LGA or JFK but I would imagine it to be really different.
Most of the larger airports have their line services contracted out to places like Signature and Servisair. I know Signature does most of the FBO stuff at MCO. I think a line position would be perfect, but I would also look for a smaller airport. Those types of companies tend to treat you better as a person and not a social security number.

Another thing you could look into is working on the ramp for one of the airlines. Not sure how the hiring is for that right now. Unless you live near BWI, where there is a nice revolving door policy going at SWA. Seems like we're ALWAYS hiring rampers there. We just had four transfer from BWI to MCO a few months ago.
depends what time of job you are willing to commit too, if you want to build hours and get to know people work in a local fbo airport.. i work in jfk as an import agent, i see airplanes all the time.. but the connection is not there.. maybe if you are working for regional airlines... i guess your best way work in a fbo that hires office adm, or anyrelated job...
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I work as a Line guy at my local airport. As mentioned above, pay is not all that much, but I love the work for the most part. I also get to fly at a discounted rate too which helps a lot. Add a split shift (7-3 or 12-8) and you have useful time to fly (either before or after the shift). You get to meet a LOT of people too.. The company I work for operates a charter business flying King Air's. I am hoping that I can fly right seat for them once I get my Commercial and Multi-engine tickets.