Part 141 FBO recs around ATL, BNA, pls?


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I'm looking for part 141 FBO recs in the greater Atlanta or Nashville areas. Would like to stick to Pipers or Cessnas for training since that's all I'm familiar with as of now.

Basically, I need to finish up my instrument (>3/4 there, but there's no longer part 141 locally) and move on to commercial. Would be great to avoid all the extra x/c time required for part 61.

Thank-you so much for your time!


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Well the FAR Part 141.67 (b) (1) states that the maximum credited training time does not exceed one-half of the receiving school's curriculum requirements. So mostly all of the flight schools will only give you a max of 50% of your training. So you will have back track 1/4 of the progress and redo it. You will also have to complete a knowledge test and proficiency test by the school.

There are a few Part 141 SCHOOLS in the ATL area like Falcon Aviation and The Flight School of Gwinnett.


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Ack! You're right. Still, backtracking 1/4 of the way would probably amount to fewer hours/less $ than logging extra x/c time and *then* going the remaining 1/4 of the way under Part 61.

I'll start calling around...Thank-you! Any experiences with the schools you've mentioned?


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In the Nashville area you should check out colemill. They are not 141 but are about the best little known place around.

They make their money from selling conversions, not flight training and the instructors are on salary, not hourly.
Plus, its a small, private airport about 6 miles from BNA.

I started their back in the early 90s and have very, very fond memories of that place..


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I think you'd probably be better off just getting the x/c time and finishing Part 61. AFAIK most of the 141 schools around here are fairly pricey. My cousin's wife got her private at Falcon, and my eyes just about popped out of my head when she told me how much it was.

I fly out of RYY with Superior Flight School, which prides itself in not being another pilot mill. They've got about a dozen aircraft, ranging from a pretty new G1000 182, all the way down to a '79 172P model, plus a '75 Grumman Tiger equipped with a G430W (flew my first LPV approach in that airplane!). They've got 4 aircraft out on the line that rent for less than $110/hr, a bargain for rentals around Atlanta for a well equipped 4 place airplane and everything can be used for IR training. The aircraft in my avatar picture is one of their 172SPs, 707PD, which goes for $120/hr at the prepaid (only have to keep $250 on account) club rate.

I think whatever extra time you will need going part 61 will balance out by the lower hourly rate. You can fly one of the cheapo 172P models ($99/hr) to build time then finish with one of the newer aircraft if that is what you are more accustomed to.