Part 135 Operators listing?


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I am getting close the the IFR Part 135 mins and would like to find a listing of Part 135 companies to pursue any vacancies they may have.

Does anyone know where I could get this information?

do a search on google..



but better than any of that is go to the big (class b/d) airports and see who they have an tenants, and knock on doors. meet folks etc...
Thanks Eagle. I will try that out. I have looked around the local Class C airport here, that I am instructing out of, and most of them want way more than the Part 135 min. Almost double to be exact.

The ol' prinicple of supply and demand!
Madro, how do you like living and flying in Boise? I played in a golf tournament a couple summers ago and I thought it was a really beautiful town and plenty to do. Do you know anything about Boise State? Thanks