Paris Hilton speaks out against Lear 60


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Prediction: She'll fly commercial once and then she'll be begging to get on a Lear.


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So true, Tony! Especially if she gets a cabin crew full of "meanies" who don't give her her way--or EGADS, tell her she has to follow the same rules as everyone else. :rolleyes: :D


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I just flew Paris a few days ago... She was a little nervous but she didn't seem to mind it... She made her bodyguard walk around the plane to check out the tires though... She was really nice


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hahaha no you didn't
Why would you say that? I have friends in the charter business who fly celebs all the time. SOmeone has to fly them, right?

And would you tell me I'm lying if I said Garth Brooks gets his hair cut at the SuperCuts down the street from my house? Because he does.

But really though, be careful about calling someone out when you don't know who they are or what they do, especially in FBOs.


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One of the CEO's for a local New England bank drives around a subaru that's so old the paint is coming off. He refuses to change the battery or fix the sensors in it so it has to be started every day. Sound like a cute story? It would be if the guy didn't have his company pay for the G4 and the falling apart Learjet 25 (because its fast... oooooo) and is afraid to bring the Bentley to the airport because he knows its not gonna be looked at all the time. He still makes them keep the Subaru in a hanger and the fuelers have to abide by his wishes so the pos will start when he comes back. Guess who does it when he's home? The butler.

Moral/reason for the story. When people get more money than brains they become absolutely comically stupid.


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its just like rich people in south america. if you have money you need to blend. no need to flaunt if everyone around you is int he gutter. just my personal opinion.


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Paris sticks her head inside the exhaust section of a operting turbine engine and says, "That's hot."