Paragon Air Express


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Pay is on their website. Bases are BHM, BNA, CRW, and some in Texas. Heard they are looking into getting into the pax business with J31/32's doing EAS. They are trying to get a EAS route established in CRW and in PIT. I'm not sure if they have the BAE bird's on property or if it is photoshop...

I think there are a few on this forum that have flown for them and would have more info.


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I interviewed with Paragaon about two and a half years ago. Seems like they would be a good company to work for, small close knot group. They offered me a job and wanted me to start out in a Saratoga (I think, whatever single piston they have) for 6 months, and then move to the Caravan. Before attending Caravan training, they want you to sign a 1 year contract. If you go to Caravan recurrent, they want you to sign another 6 month contract.

At the time, I already had 1500 hours, with 500 multi, I didn't think it was the best option for me.


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Ok, I'm smart. Deleted my PM's, can't remember who sent so if you're still interested in the skinny try again.