Parachuter with Fan over Grand Forks!


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Did anyone see the parachuter with a fan attached to his back today over Grand Forks? I saw him around 8:00pm. I was just driving down 24th Ave S near Bdubs and I looked up and saw a parachuter with a fan attached to his back spiraling down to land in the park between 26th Ave S and 24th Ave S. I didn't think anyone would believe me but I got a small picture with my camera phone of him landing!


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Anyway, has anyone ever seen or heard about this guy? My friend who was with me says there used to be a guy with a ultralight that used to fly over Grand Forks in the Summer. At first thats who we thought it was but it turns out it was not.


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Wikipedia is so AWESOME... except when searching for the truth.

I will take both sides and say that nutjobs turn wikipedia into a crazy house that is balanced by intelligent additions and edits. It's kindof like Congress, except change happens, there is no money for corruption, and we don't have to abide by the knowledge of wikipedia.

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i dont know what you guys are looking at but i generally find wiki articles to be very thorough and well cited with additional references and links to more information.

anyone who says "wiki is not a valid source" is living in the stone age. its a great aggregator of knowledge and information.