Paperwork paperwork paperwork


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So a few days ago I get an email to fill out forms that I have filled out twice and faxed and handed in twice (they don't have them) before my FOL will be sent. So fine I take care of that, than today I get another email and none of my PEPC paperwork was sent back to there office so I have to fill out all this paperwork again. She tells me to send it back with firm offer paperwork (which I still don't have btw) and I should get my FOL in a day or so? Sorry just venting a little frustrated as I have completed so much paperwork and now I have to do it over again (thank god they didn't lose my SF-86 form that would have sucked). Anyone heres hoping I get my FOL. Also strange correspondences on a Saturday with my HR rep (a little backed up out there or what?).


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I guess all I can say is welcome to the federal government.

Seriously though, that sucks man.


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Two words: Certified Letter.

Sure, they can still lose it that way too, but at least you have irrefutable proof that you did you part. Based on what I've heard from others here, if the FAA drops the ball, you're still the one paying the price -- and it's hard to get them to make exceptions.

Good luck getting it sorted out.


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Make copies, then either send it certified mail WITH proof of delivery or send it FedEx with a tracking number.

I'd actually be more inclined to use FedEx since they have an excellent tracking system, unlike the postal service. In either case, you'll have proof positive saying that it got to their office and they need to dig it out of whatever pile it got stuck in.


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That's aviation for ya! On the flying side of the house we say when weight of the paperwork equals the weight of the airplane it's time to go fly...