Panama Location


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Can somebody tell me how the Panama location is (instructors, facilities, city, training, the works...). I am going to be there around July and would like to know. I'm not looking to much into the night life to much. I fully expect to be fairly engrossed in my studies.


I spent a week or so in Panama City last year.

Instructors - I believe ATP bought out a flight school there originally, and some instructors came with it. These are older gents who have been around aviation a long time. So the instruction is probably top notch. A few younger guys there as well and they were really good.

Facilities - Inside a large FBO. A virtual plethora of training areas, plus a nice lounge. Also fun to chat up the corporate jet peeps coming and going when on breaks.

City - Never saw much of that. It is a major party stop though.

Training - Well, the same training you would get at any other ATP location!

I did alot of XC timebuilder students while I was there. It is a great location for that because there are alot of options - ATL, JAX, DAB, etc...
We enjoyed seeing Jimmy Buffet when I was in Panama City on a cross country. Apartments weren't bad either.