Pan Am International Flight Academy , Miami


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Hi guys ,
Can anyone offer any info or comments about the professional pilot course at PAIFA , Miami ?

Also I am confused between Pan Am at Deer Valley and the one in Miami. Which one is better ?



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i would not recommend the place, after what i have heard from some of my buddies who went there.


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I am not 100% sure if the one in Miami has a professional pilot (zero to hero) course. The one in Phoenix specializes in their professional pilot course. However because of the current economy and increased interest rates on student loans, fewer students are signing up with academies. So from what I'm hearing, PAIFA in Phoenix is under new ownership and is beginning to cater specifically to their international contract students as well as renaming it to TransPac Aviation Academy.
As of right now, until perhaps the lending industry shapes back up, I would suggest steering away from academies and look more at FBOs and University programs.