Palm software anyone?


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Hi all,

I just got a Zire 71 and looking for some free palm flight planning software. Any recommendation? I just started flight training.

Good luck finding it free...I have searched almost everywhere for free flightplans both for a plam held system and my computer and the good ones or never free. I have stumbled across a couple that where free but they are very out of date and dont work like crap...
Not sure, did the company you bought it from give you a webpage or some sort of manual. You think they would sell f/p's or atleast direct you to some place else. Maybe some one else knows more...
Yes actually there is a free program called 'Copilot'. You can probably find it at or

You can do weight and balance, fuel, and flight planning on it. You can also download the free database of airports and waypoints as well (at a different site; search around a bit I'm sure you can find it).
Actually I just checked and for some reason it says it's shareware for $19.99. I'm not sure if there is any difference, however mine was free so send me an email if you want.