Packages are all set and ready to go!


Mama Bear....
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here are some photos from today's events....just in case ya'll were interested in how we spent your well earned and WELL donated $$!!

most of the photos are from camera phone - we tried to upload them to the camera phone page, but i guess we're having some problems sorry if the resolution ain't all that's cracked up to be - it's my fault for forgetting to bring the camera with me to Costco, Staples & Target!

BTW - you guys ROCK'd the house AGAIN this year!!! thank you so much for your time, effort and especially your donation - we couldn't have done it - again - without ya'll!! Total donations accumulated up to $1,009.12



Malko In Charge
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No.....Kristie and Doug....Thank You for getting all the shopping done and sending the stuff on its way. A job well done by all.


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Looks good guys!! Popcorn, pringles, ramen noodles and easy-mac.....I think you guys stole my shopping list


New Arizona, Il Duce/Warlord
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Jim's getting an industrial-strength poker set too, I was jealous and wanted one too but I remembered that I really don't like poker all that much!

The trick now, of course, is some "hat-in-hand, say 'please' and 'sir' a lot" negotiations with DHL today to try and repeat the deal we got last year with shipping.


Good stuff Doug and Kristie! This site is not only great for aviation as we can all see.