OU Questions


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I'm a high school senior with an interest in becoming a pilot (whether that be airline, cargo; I don't know). Depending on how my interview goes with the Price College, I'll probably attend OU.

My plan is some sort of a business major, with an aviation minor. I'm starting flight training now, so I'll have my private when I get to Norman.

Would it make sense to do all the aviation courses as soon as I can in order to start finding ways to build my time?

On this note, does anyone know what it is like to instruct at OU? I was hoping that once I got all my ratings I would be able to pick up a few students to instruct. Am I thinking too ambitiously, or is this possible?


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i took flight lessons at ou. also, a good friend of mine instructs there, it is not the best place to instruct at. if you could, i would suggest instructing elsewhere....the pay and benefits arent all that great. instructors are paid hourly, and do not get any health benefits as they are considered "temporary" employees


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hey glad to hear your interested in OU. your plan sounds pretty good. I think our minor will take you through commercial. I would recommend doing your flight classes as soon as possible which is what im doing. Im half way through my sophomore year and i am doing CFI in the spring so hopefully i'll have two years of instructing while i finish my degree. Shoot me an email at craigdavidson@ou.edu if you have some specific questions.