Oshkosh 2003

Supposedly, I am.... but that all hinges on my boss (also a pilot) making the go/no-go call on Oshkosh.

I'll know sometime in the future.
I go every year. I am hoping to fly there in the back of a T-6 this year. I am not sure which days I am going yet, but if anyone else knows when they'll be there we should try to get together. I think Oshkosh is a pretty good point for a nice JC gathering
<---------Anyone plannin on bein in Dayton for Inventing flight?
Anyone plannin on bein in Dayton for Inventing flight?

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When is it? Maybe I will round up a couple of students and go...
The Dayton show is in mid July right? Sounds like a great airshow, with the Blue Angels, Thunderbirds, and Snowbirds all being there. I might try to make it there. If I decide to I'll let you know.
Yea the whole Inventing Flight celebration is kicking off tonight with a huge ceremony, President Bush comes tommorow to give a speech. After that there are tons of things going on, balloon meets (expecting over 100 hot air balloons), blimp "races", and just a lot of activities celebrating 100 years of flight. Then there's the airshow (July 17-21) which should be amazing. As someone said all three North American demonstration teams will be here, Johny Travolta is gonna have his 707 there and rumor has it Harrison Ford will be wandering around with one or two of his planes as well. Should be an awesome time...let me know if any of you are coming down and we'll have to meet for dinner or somthin one night!
blimp "races"

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So THATS what they were doing today. There was two blimps chasing each other around the Akron area all afternoon today. I wondered what was going on. Must've been practicing or something...
HAHA...well at first they were saying there were going to be eight different blimps here, but now all they will say is that "a large amount" will be here. I've heard that they only have three lined up, Fuji, Saturn, and Met-Life. So we'll see just how great this "race" will really be!
I am definately going to work on getting to DAY for the airshow sometime during that weekend. It all kind of depends if any job offers go through this next week for me. I'll have to take a look at the notams to see if flying there is a possible option. Otherwise I might also look into flying non-rev. Hopefully one of those methods will work out because I sure don't want to drive. I'll try to finalize my plans soon. Anybody else from MI want to tag along if I go? It would be nice especially if I decide to fly myself. Let me know.
Well, Met-Life (I think it was metlife...blue with white letters and I think I saw Snoopy- it was real hazy) was up flying around with the Goodyear boys today, so I dunno whats going on. They cruised around in loose formation (I actually commented to my student that it looked like they were racing) for a good part of the afternoon, then went their seperate ways. Figures, the one day I leave my camera at home...

If you are looking into flying down here I would suggest Dayton Wright Brothers South (MGY) which is where I fly out of, probably the nicest alternative to DAY Int. Some other options are Moraine Airpark (I73) or Greene County (I19).

All of them are right in the Dayton area and close to all the action. Let me know if ya'll have any other questions.