Oral Exam Guides


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A friend and I were just having this discussion.....

Does anybody else find the titles of these handy-dandy little books even the LEAST bit Phallic???


1. Private Oral Exam Guide
(so embarassing, that I tried to keep the title covered when carrying it in public)

2. Instrument Oral Exam Guide
(more advanced and limited to once certain "instrument"

3. Multi-engine Oral Exam Guide
(this one was tough, but we narrowed it down to something to do with multiple battery-operated devices)

4. Commercial Oral Exam Guide
(Best guess was that this is the guide that ...umm.. "professionals" .. go by since they get PAID for it...)

5. Flight Instructor Oral Exam Guide
(for those who want REALLY good flight instruction..... at a fraction of the cost.

Okay... sorry.... I HAD to get that out of my head!!!

I know... too much time on my hands.

Discuss amongst yourselves.



Well-Known Member *giggity*

1. Private Oral Exam Guide
(so embarassing, that I tried to keep the title covered when carrying it in public)

[/ QUOTE ]

I'll admit, I was a little ashamed to carry around this book.


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Oh Gawd...I was going to say what great little books these were and how much I liked them....now I'd better not.....


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they ARE great books. They just have unfortunate titles. I more than once wondered what people thought as I studied my "private oral exam guide" in public places.


Ha... what really sucks is when you bring it somewhere to study; and you get some know-it-all who then tries to give you advice about what you should do based on his buddy who knows a guy who flies

I'm like 'Yeah, um... I'll have to look into that...'


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Okay, folks, am I the only one who didn't think these things? So is that why so many people were laughing and giggling when I went through those books in public?

I thought it was because my fly was undone or something.

Now I know.


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Do you know anyone who took those books into an all guy school because that was the best time for him to study? Sadly, I do.....


I know. Shoot me now.



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SEE???? And know my friend and I know we are not alone.

There ARE better names for those books - which are VERY helpful btw...

All it would take is a change of a word here and an addition of a word there. Example:

Private PILOT Guide to the Oral Exam.

Commercial PILOT Guide to the Oral Exam.

Instrument/Airplane Rating Guide to the Oral Exam.

and so on...

They should pay me for this stuff I tells ya.


If specified, this will replace the title that
Private PILOT Guide to the Oral Exam.

[/ QUOTE ]

huh .. hu..hu..huuu you said oral.