Optometrist Visit


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When I got my 3rd class medical renewed last month, the AME told me that my vision was below 20/20 corrected, meaning that I wouldn't have been able to qualify for a 2nd or 3rd class certificate. But, when I went to the optometrist for a routine eye exam yesterday, he said that my vision WAS 20/20 and no update to my contact lense perscription was necessary. He offered to sign a release if necessary when I told him about what my flying medical examiner had said.

Should this same thing happen when I apply for a higher class certificate, is there any way that an optometrist's opinion can override the opinion of an aviation medical examiner?
The A.M.E. is more or less "godlike" during the evaluation and if he finds that your vision is less than 20/20, that's what he's going to report to the FAA.
If you bring the signed report from your optometrist to the FAA examiner, he will waive the eye test and accept the optometrist results.....that's what I did.