Only captains taxi aircraft?


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I have a question for all of you airline pilots. I am a young commercial pilot still looking for my first gig. I was told on a few different occasions that only the captains taxi aircraft for airlines. Is this true? If so, why? Is there a 121 reg for it?


If the CA was incapacitated in his seat, I'd just steer the jet onto a highspeed with the rudder pedals, or just leave it on the runway. Can't really do much else.

Edit to add: The 747 at my shop has dual tillers, and the FOs do taxi.
If the CA is MELd, your gonna have to pull someone from the back who has flying experience. ;)

I believe the 777 and a some Airbus models have an FO tiller.
I used to let my FO's taxi frequently so they weren't bored to death and to also get a better feel of the brakes. It would make for smoother roll outs on landing for FO's when they started to apply the brakes.
That's part of captain indoctrination training. Read the rules, then do something else that's unique and quirky.

"Yeah, I'm not sure why they changed that in this revision. According to [book not stamped by your feds], it says to do it (method) so that's how it's going to work. They got all over me in the schoolhouse about it, complete BS"